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Keystrokes for reading text

Keystrokes for reading text
The keystroke used for SAY WORD is INSERT plus NUMBER PAD 5. This works fine for me even on my portable and on the portable of my most of my friends. We simply press INSERT plus FUNCTION plus I. However, on the computer of one of my friends, the NUMBERS LOCK function key is situated on the INSERT key so when he presses INSERT plus FUNCTION he activates the NUMBERS LOCK and he can’t continue with the shortcut keystroke. I tried the CAPS LOCK plus k but that doesn’t work because his CAPS LOCK is activated with only one press. This is a conundrum for us because he can’t use the say word or the spell word which are wonderfully useful. Any suggestions?

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Re:Keystrokes for reading text

Just to say...I think I have resolved the problem. Evidently there are 3 keys that can be used as the JAWS key, that is, Insert, Caps lock or Scroll lock. On my computer which is set for desktop, the JAWS key is set for Caps lock. With this setting I seem to be able to use Insert as the JAWS key and also Caps lock. It doesn't seem to work in English, but it works in Portuguese and my friend uses only Portuguese. I haven't fooled around with his computer yet because I don't want to mess anything up and leave him stranded over the Christmas holidays.

Re:Keystrokes for reading text

I forgot to mention, the portable computer is an ASUS.

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