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Learning JAWs

Hello again, everyone.

I am trying to teach myself to use JAWs; I really see that I can work much faster with a screen reader rather than screen magnifier. I am actually posting this message using JAWs, with my eyes closed. I don't have much vision, but I have used screen magnifiers for years. I am now seeing that it is just more efficient for me to use a screen reader.

I was wondering if any of you would be able to direct me to some resources for learning the more advanced features of JAWs; I have found the manuals to be of great help. I just want to be more efficient with JAWs, but at the same time I feel like I may be missingn out on better features as I thinkn my current version of JAWs is outdated.

If you could offer any input, it would be greatly appreciated. I think that posting this message is a great start, and I have experience with using JAWs with other applications as well.
Thanks you for any input.

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Re: Learning JAWs

You can actually use window keys for Jaws . It is much easier than using the jaws combinations. The guild for the blind offers classes on jaws training. I can give you some basic key moves if you are intrested.

Re:Learning JAWs

hi, I know what u r going through, I to have some vision and used screen magnifiers as well. I just recently started useing Jaws myself and find it so much easier. I don't know what version you have, but the best thing I can say is practice, practice, practice, smile. that has seemed to help me but if there is anything I can help you with I will certainly try

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