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Legibility Problems. Having any?

I am fishing for facts and ideas. For me legibility problems are often caused by poor contrast like the Skippy label printed in black on darkish blue.
I (we?) need an advocate, an expert in what makes acceptable legibility, to press the publishers to change their ways. Lighthouse International has just lost its expert and is unable to help.
Am I alone, or do I have company? ===gm===

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Re:Legibility Problems. Having any?

Here is an example. In opening an account at HSBC I was given a beautifully pepared "Welcome" package of printed material that used tiny type printed in gray ink, the poor contrast making it hard to read and even hard for my CCTV to produce a good immage. Then there were several pages of copied information printed with less than black ink. If this sort of thing bothers you, please tell about it. This might start something.

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