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I've been a full-time Linux user for 10 years and have been using the Adriane accessibility suite on Knoppix for the last 3 years due to vision loss making me dependent on a screen reader.

While Adriane Knoppix can be installed on most x86 machines capable of booting from a optical drive without assistance from a sighted user and is blind usable out of the box, it does have some issues that have lead me to seek out alternatives, but my search for a better blindman's Linux has been unfruitful.

For reference, my main issues with Adriane Knoppix are as follows:
Infrequent and unpredictable releases(the most recent release was more than a year after the previous release).
Knoppix is intended as a live distro to be run from DVD or flash drive. It can be installed to hard drive, but the installer leaves much to be desired.
Comes preloaded with a lot of unwanted software.
The isos available for the current version don't include a variant that boots in Adriane mode by default, and while only a single change to a single text file is needed to make this the default, the process to make this change is fairly cumbersome by the most efficient process I've found that doesn't rely on a GUI application.

So, has anyone here had better luck finding a Linux Distro that is blind usable out of the box?

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