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Little utility that REALLY helped my desktop

I had a bad time last week, I am a sucker for trying new antiviris "speed up your pc" things so under the heading of remove junk I clicked clean short cuts, which promptly removed all my shortcuts on my desktop gathered over 11 years on-line....

plus, worse two folders of info one that gets added to daily for over a year and a half

I found a free find deleted file program but that wasnt the major find (file was corrupted)

Fences 1.0 was the find, it took over 5 hours to find 80% of my lost icons, this time saved in a seperate folder off the desktop but I was still concerned

Fences 1.0 lets me arrange my over crowded desktop (127 icons, last count, I do not use bookmarks much) into 10 areas that


when you change your resolution of the monitor...

ever notice one monitor resolution is best for reading, one for gaming at pogo or greatdaygames or whereever?

with Fences 1.0 I can aswitch resolutions as needed and my icons do not change their places! Usually after a resolution re-size everything jumbles up on the left...

check out the video at cnet it is a small application and cnet downloads are spyware tested......

nice to find something that really worked AND helped!

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