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Looking for an Accessible Homework Application

Looking for an accessible homework application that works with Microsoft products. It can be an online or download application. A bonus would be that is accessible from an iPhone. Have found a few that work up to a point, but are unable to read the details of the assignment with JAWS or NVDA. Thanks everyone, any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Re: Looking for an Accessible Homework Application

Mrs Bee, I am an eye reader with bad eyes but still use them. Thus I am at a disadvantage in understanding your problem. A bunch of questions come to mind:
#1 I Googled "Homework applications" and ten entried popped up. Have you been there?
#2 Could the way the assignment is presented be a problem?
#3 Have you consulted with other ear readers in the class? Are You alone there?
#3a Does your school have an acessibility specialist?
#3b School name and location? (Locations often suggest sources of help.)
#4 The iPhone seems an added complication. How is it important?
#5 I searched for "homework and your message headed the list, but I saw nothing helpful. Accordingly, I suggest that you ask AFB for a review of accessible homework applications be done in AccessWorld and remain in its resource list.
#6 Is there a website devoted to accessibility in education where this could be asked? State and federal depertments of education?
#7 Social media? Twitter? Facebook? I have heard of great things accomplished through their use. I am too old for it, maybe not you.
Enough yet! Good luck.

Re: Looking for an Accessible Homework Application

Hi, if you have problems with NVDA you can use for example this programm which do not use NVDA:

You can also read Wikipedia or use Gmail and YouTube with no problems=)

Re: Looking for an Accessible Homework Application

Maybe you could use office online or have someone text you the stuff
Or have them sent to you by email or PDF viewer

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