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Looking for Testers for Web Browser Plugin

Have you ever been browsing Facebook and read "Your Really Awesome Friend loved a post by Memes Make The World Go Round" only to have your screen reader tell you "Image may contain text, 1 outdoors"?

My name is Patrick. I have been working on a Web Browser plugin that allows sighted people to provide ALT text and/or image captions for images shared on social media sites.

I am looking for four or five screen-reader-dependent people who are willing to test my browser plugin and give me feedback on it. I have tested it a good deal myself, but since I do not depend on a screen-reader nor am I proficient in even the small subset of screen-readers to which I have access, my testing can only go so far.

I would expect that you can do a decent job testing and providing feedback in two to three hours of your time. I am working out of my own pocket for this, but I am able to pay four to five people $75 each for their effort.

If you use the Chrome web-browser and are interested in being considered for this, please send me email telling me which screen-reader (or readers) you use on which operating systems and a rough indication of your computer comfort-level. I am trying to maximize my screen-reader and operating system coverage and get a mix of computer experience so I will likely not be able to hire everyone who applies. I promise, I will open the next phase of testing to a wider audience.

Thank you,
Patrick Stein

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