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Magnify your Cell Phone, Home phone, Ipod, or Insulin Pump

In California there is a company that holds the patents for magnifiers for cell phones, PDA's and Palms and GPS. These Phone Monocles" are available in 7 popular colors and allows the screen of any phone to be enlarged for easier viewing. No more reaching for the reading glasses to answer and see the phone display. Video streaming and games are easier to see and play. The Company is Magnifics Inc. The Phone Monocle is the name of the outrageous magnifiers that are sweeping the market. You can see these products at The Idea behind The Phone Monocle comes from a woman named Joanie Taylor. Currently in May 2005 Issue Mobil PC magazine and on multiple am news stations.

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Re: Magnify your Cell Phone, Home phone, Ipod, or Insulin Pump

A very effective way to magnify hand held electronic devies is with a CCTV. With the advancements in camera and monitor technology, magnifying these devices is as good as it has every been. Check out the website below for more information.

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