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Message boards for those with impaired vision

If there are others, please tell us about them.
Am told that the NY Lighthouse is working on a new website and I have urged them to have a message board, even though I wonder if it would be like reinventing the wheel.

This one is good to have but it could be a lot better. Things I would like ti see include dates and a viewer count on the subject lists, a way of correctiong my errors, and a way to send private messages to those who post. Most of all I would like to have the text in the entry box use my choice of font and size so I can see what I type before I hit the Add button. More frequent houscleaning would help. After a year (two years?) messages should be returned to the poster for reposting if still needed. Of course all these thing have a cost attached and I don't expect them tomorrow. ===gm===

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Re:Message boards for those with impaired vision

Thank you Rachel I am partially sighted and use some magification and a lot of contrast.
I went to the Zone and had great difficulty understanding what I saw. I looked for categories, subjects, etc., and all i saw were screen names and how mant were there, not what they were talking about.
Then I went to the other and did a little better but had difficulty finding products. I found barcode readers, but saw no complete description of their use, just isolated remarks, mostly about labeling methods.

Couold you please tell us a little more about both these boards? and about the use of barcode readers, please?===gm===

Re:Message boards for those with impaired vision

the zone

blink Nation

Re:Message boards for those with impaired vision
This is a tech talk board, one of several boards, fami;y members concerned about their children. There were ATs mentioned about which I knew nothing. Much concern about funding and some how to use. Braille is important. ===gm===

Re:Message boards for those with impaired vision

hmm I was surprised to see how few sites there are out there for low vision/blind people, and most are regionally centered....

I found these:

toll free ask for help

mailing lists discussion groups

low vision family forum

ask Dr forum

tech chat room

160 organizations

I'll prob use the blind-geek onr and the toll free help line looked interesting

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