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Microsoft or Linux?

I really like the Ubuntu OS, but most of my programs are for Microsoft. Anyone else have this issue?">Garbage Disposal Reviews>InSinkErator Evolution Excel

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Re:Microsoft or Linux?

I actually gave up Windows back in 2007 and have used Ubuntu ever since. I couldn't afford upgrades for Magic, and I couldn't afford the "payment plan" for it either. I have a little bit of vision in my right eye, and so the magnifier which is built into the Compiz window manager works just fine for me. I get fullscreen magnification and much less RAM hogging than I did with technology such as Magic in Windows.

I wish that I could say the screen reader (Orca) was as good as screen readers like JAWS, but at this time I cannot. It will get there, and I can guarantee you you will not have to pay $700 for it when it does; it will be free as it has always been.

As far as your Windows applications go, many may work in Wine (a Windows emulator) or you could run a Windows virtual machine for your Windows applications which you use frequently (if your computer has the RAM and processing power for this method; you don't need anything high-end for this).

If I can be of any help, please let me know.

Also, you could look at Vinux as a previous poster mentioned. It is Ubuntu-based, but it is developed specifically for people with visual impairments.

Once again, if I can be of any help to you just let me know.

Re:Microsoft or Linux?

Have you heard of and checked out Vinux, Linux for the Visually Impaired? Look it over and try it out. Here's one place to start; There's compatible programs that match MS programs for nearly everything, the hitch is to find ones that are fully accessible. Linux is improving, but it still needs polish. The Vinux project is trying to add this polish. At present it's based on the Ubuntu build, one of the most user-friendly and Widows-like Linux builds.

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