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Mkaking a website for free

I am a blind person.
I will like to make a website.
So how will I make a website for free.

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Re:Mkaking a website for free

There are several free web hosting sites. I believe Yahoo makes them and I think they are called geo cities or something like that. The ones that I am most familiar with is blogger/blog spot and word press. I have been doing some research lately and think that word press sounds more accessable than blogger/blog spot and I'm thinking about making a change. Blogger/blog spot is pretty accessable though I've had my blog site for three weeks now and it's going pretty good. The only thing I'm having trouble with is adding gadgets to improve the functionality of my site. Below I will list the addresses to the web hosting sites as well as the address to my blog. I encourage you to check the two resources out and see what works for you and you needs. Also, my blog does focus on blindness and anything that relates to it through the outlet of humor. It's another way for you to post thoughts and comments on posts that you can relate to and connect with other blind people. I am going to be adding many features over the next few weeks so be sure to click the "follow" link to be updated via e-mail when new things happen on the site. Hope this all helps

Re:Mkaking a website for free

Are you fluient in HTML ?
If so it should be simple
All you'd have to do is design it in notepad. And save it .HTML
T hen look for a place that will give you space for free yahoo had one a while back but I don't know
Hope this helps

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