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Mobile phones

Hi there,

My name is Tamara Maynard and I am a third year university student studying 3D Design for Sustainability.

I am currently working on a project with Visually Impaired Teenagers on designing an inclusive mobile phone and was wondering if you could possibly also help.

They have given me some great ideas which we are developing together but in order to make it as inclusive and well-rounded as possible it would be really helpful to get as many people's inputs as possible.

Through looking through the forums I have noted that many of you have made comments about the phone and I was wondering if you could let me know any problems of issues you might have with mobile phones, and also how you would improve them to better suit your needs and what you would like to see coming onto the market.

Anything you can think of, even if you think it is irrelevant would be greatly appreciated and hopefully help make the project a success!

Thank you for your time, and if you would like to let me know either on this forum or privately at that would be great.

Many thanks,


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Re:Mobile phones

i am also looking for an easy to use cell phone for the blind compatable with the intetnet.

Re:Mobile phones

There is now Jitterbug cell phone service & phones. I am getting one. I could not read the display & had a hard time with the buttons. To always have to think about okay 3 rows, 123, 456, 789.... it's hard when you're tired or in a panicked state.
I am looking forward to the Lg button & display features of the Jitterbug & the 24hr human operator service.

Re:Mobile phones

I have a phone from verizon that talks to me! Once you get the hang of it ,it will call the number you want with a voice command, tell you the time with a voice command and even tell you out loud who is calling. It is a Motorola flip phone. There is other voice features that I haven't figured out yet. Hope that helps! And also verizon has free 411 {information} for visually impaired people like us! That really helps alot! Lori

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