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MP3 Players - The Creative Zen (512MB)


Has anyone ever had any experience with the Creative Zen (512MB?) My friend just got one for me, and when my dad was reading its capabilities on the box, he said there would be a lot of menus... so I have a couple of questions.

1. is there a way you can just navigate it without being able to see the menus, or is it too complex?
2. Is it compatible with Windows 98?
3. Can it be used as a USB drive, and can files be transfered to and from it via Windows Explorer as opposed to a a transfering program?

Thanks, any feedback whatsoever would be much appreciated!


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Re:MP3 Players - The Creative Zen (512MB)

When your Zen falls apart or you get tired of not knowing which file you're about to listen to, visit

Re:MP3 Players - The Creative Zen (512MB)

I have a zenstone 1 gig player. plug it in and it will show up in my computer. All music should go in the music folder on the drive. You can put folders within that music directory to sort all your cd's. This is what the slider switch is for on the side of the player it will switch between cd's. It jumps from folder to folder.

Re:MP3 Players - The Creative Zen (512MB)

hay, I've never used that one but you can use pritty much any mp3 player as a flash drive. If you want to know more email me at or im me at the same address or im me at aim corykadlik111

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