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myTouch Mobile Phone with T-Mobile

My boyfriend is totally blind; no colors, shadows nothing.
He wears hearing aids that are blue-tooth controlled. In an effort to help him be more independant, I bought the myTouch cell phone for us, by T-Mobile. There are tons of apps, but, so far as I can find, everything still requires him to touch something on the touch-screen. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on setting this phone up to be totally worked by voice command?
Even the Techies at T-Mobile are clueless with how to help.
And, when we try "Voice Dialer" or "Voice Search", it throws him into web searches, and he has to be able to "touch" the screen to get out of it.
It's starting to frustrate us both and he's ready to chuck the phone out the window.
Is there anyone out there with ideas, suggestions or help for us?
If so, please respond, either by e-mail to me (Khandi) at or even call us at 251-609-1430 (Khandi) or 251-609-1478 (Roy).
We'd both appreciate it.

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