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Need a bold fixed width font for text entry boxes.

#1> All the fixed width fonts in my WinXP are small and faint, far from the bold legibility my old eyes need. What is a good font suitable for use in Windows? Where can I get it? How do I install it?

#2> Why do text entry boxes use fixed width fonts? If they used proportional fonts they would have much better leginility. AFB please note. ===gm===

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Re:Need a bold fixed width font for text entry boxes.

Here is a fix for it in Internet Explorer, a style sheet to be installed via Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility
/* font styles */
body, input, textarea, select{
font: 100% "Arial Black", Helvetica, sans-serif;
padding: 0;
To install and use it:
Store this little file somewhere on your machine where you know where it is - desktop, my documents, etc
Start Internet Explorer
Open 'Internet Options' - under tools in IE8
Click on 'Accessibility' button
Make sure all three checboxes in Formatting section are all checked
Also check the 'Format documents using my style sheet' checkbox in the lower section.
Click the 'Browse' button and locate the file I sent to you - wherever you have stored it. Click open or OK
Click OK in the Accessibility window to return to Internet Options, then OK again to return to the browser.
Find a page with some input boxes on it and see what happens.
Browse with File type set to All
Thanks to Graham Armfield of Coolfields Consulting and Fix the Web, both in the UK

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