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Need help with purchaseing new laptop

Hello all, the motherboard from my netbook crashed on me. so with that said, I no longer have a netbook, so I need a new laptop. any suggestions on the best one that is compatible with JAWS and the focus 40 blue and has the best price? the netbook I had previously before it crashed on me was an asus netbook with windows 7. I was supposed to install Jaws 14, but unfortunatly, since my netbook crashed, all that's left is a desktop computer. and I really need a laptop as a graduation gift. I will be graduating from the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind this year in May. from their, I will be going to the Conklin center for an evaluation for 2 weeks. Please help me. thank you very much.

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Re: Need help with purchaseing new laptop

I went through various laptops with a client. The Dell seemed to have the least amount of problems. We had little problems like insert up arrow not reading the line and things like that. Call the PC maker, they say it's a Jaws software issue and call Jaws and they say it's a hardwar issues, and you are stuck with a PC and Jaws that doesn't work properly.

If you can afford it, a client brought in a Mac Air, running Windows 7 with Jaws and office 2010. I could not believe how fast it was. I had shortcut keys setup for word, outlook, excel and internet explorer. As fast as you could press the keys, the programs popped up. Then I found it it had a solid state drive, basically memory chips instead of a mechanical moving drive. Check and see if any of the IBM compatible ones can get a solid state hard drive, you will be amazed.

Numpad if your old one had one, or if you're use to the laptop keybard for Jaws too...


Re: Need help with purchaseing new laptop

Thank you for that tip. anyone elce care to add?

Re: Need help with purchaseing new laptop

Hi, If you can access any of the major PC periodicals like PC World on your desktop read the current issue or a recent issue where they rate laptops and such. My wife uses a Toshiba for her efforts and has been pleased, although she is sighted and her only complaint is the updates occurring at random. You will need to make sure you have enough RAM for all your software, and being in Florida, I imagine you could contact Freedom Scientific and ask them what the RAM requirement is for Jaws and or laptops in general to have it run satisfactorily. Congratulations on your soon to be realized achievements!

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