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need some help with JAWS ,please?

My name is Kelly.I am sighted but have a very close friend that is blind.My friend is far away right now and we have been communicating through our computers.We would love to chat to each other but,something with my friends JAWS is preventing this.He can tell who is talking and everything but,it will not tell him what I am saying to him.He has contacted scientific freedom but still hasn't gotten answers to the problem.Could anyone please offer any help or avice to correct this problem,or at least tell us where to look for a solution?Thank you all for your time and patience.

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Re:need some help with JAWS ,please?

hi my name is lee and i was wondering if anyone can tell me a way to chat with new people. I am blind and using Jaws 11. I like to meet you friends but have tried chat rooms but with no sucesses. any help would be greatly appreciated. if any one can help or would like to chat my email address it

Yes Kelly I can help

Hi, I am Rodelyn and I have been using Jaws for about five years now. The answer to your question had been previously answered but you can have your friend go to and sign up with the Aol instant messaging for free. She just have to download it on her computer and make sure that all the tickers are off. For example, she needs to use a sighted person's help to do so. From there she can go to the Jaws help application and read the help file for Aol instant messaging. If she wants I can further help if she wants to call me or e-mail me at and I can talk to her and show her how to use it. There is no other instant messaging that works with Jas. Remember you both need to be using aol to be able to talk to each other. That's the one I use and It's great. If your friend also need help with Braille N Speak, I can also help.

jfw lite?

Has your friend been to There is a link to applications that work well with JFW.

may I suggest instant messaging software?

A good solution to this problem would be to get an instant messaging software program such as aol instant messenger. This way your friend can talk to you whenever you are online when he or she feels like it. Jaws works well with aol instant messenger, since it reads all the text typed into the message window as long as this window has focus. If you would like to email me with more questions my email address is

Help WithJaws

I'm not sure what version of Jaws your friend is using, but I've been a Jaws user for almost four years now, and although it's an awsome screen reader, it like everything else, has it's downfalls. One of which, is if you and your friend choose to communicate through a chat room, for him it's not possible. Jaws doesn't work well with chat rooms of any kind, there's nothing you could do to make Jaws senssible when it comes to chat rooms, because words in a chat room look like static text to the software, with it's continuous words being written on the screen. If your friend has e-mail, Jaws will happily read that. But chat rooms are off limits.


Sorry Kelly I am not familiar with Jaws but I use a text-to-speach software called iSpeak made by Fonix corporation
It works well for me but I can see well, I'm just reading impared.

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