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Need your assistance in getting a New Board Game Available can you Point me in the right direction?

Hello everyone, Im just a average person who has been building and creating things from a little girl. Anyways I have one very special progect that i have been working on digilantly. One of my best friends is seeng impaired she is technically legally blind but can see enough to read and cook along with having a family to care for despite her vision failing she will eventually end up totally blind in the real near future. Because of our friendship i have gained knowledge of her childhood and how it was completely different due to being born with a hereditary and degenerative condition regarding vision. LONG STORY SHORT I have created a NEW BOARD GAME entirely. This new game unlike any game out there, and the key thing is it was made for blind / seeing impaired people. The cool thing is it can be played with sited peiple if you choose. Now the ENTIRE family can play and no one left out. It is not a game created for the sitef and converted or adapted for the seeing impaired. It was creted with you in mind. My friend Amanda (last name i will not reveal) played a key roll as my inspiration to create this game. I have a nearly COMPETE PROTO TYPE, I have been in contact with a corporation who wants to manufacture my game and has the means, connections, marketing, distribution and a time line for production but most importantly the financial backing. And naturally once the product is close to market they will for their services take a percentage of %15 profit to recoupe their ROI ( risk of investment) Now here is my problem this corporation requirements are I come up with the initial fees to cover the inital set up, licensing and patenting. This start up fee is $5,000 im which i do not have. So i am asking you to help point me in the direction where i can find the backing. I know there are croud fundimg web sites to ask fir money. I have just crestrd such a account on GIVEFORWARD.COM. (blind board game) but there may be a Federal or State prigram that may help me get this funding to get this dine faster and to you all in the Seeing impaired world. Please message me if you think you have information that can help. By the way i have test marketed my first rougj draft of a proto type. I have a cousin who was a school teacher in Sarasota Florida. She was kind enough to allow me access to a class room of children. Lets just say no one wanted to stop playing. It has also been played by myself and adults in my faimly with the same positive results. Can you help?

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