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New Cell Phone Question

Hi everyone. It seems my time ran out, so I'm trying this again. Is there anywhere I could look online for information about downloading other ring tones to a new cell phone in order for more of the alerts to be audible? I just got a flip phone, and some of the notifications such as low battery don't have audio feedback associated with them. Tia for anyone's assistance.

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Re: New Cell Phone Question

I currently have the Haven Flip Phone, which is about 4-years-old. Considering upgrading to Android or Iphone, or phone with Ipad keyboard. Who produces tutorials on how to begin using the touch features on the phones with no real buttons or indicators? The Verizon store in my area is not really able to advise on what may be best for me to pursue. Thanks for recommendations.

Re: New Cell Phone Question

My Iphone 4s announces when battery is low (with voiceover on) right out of the box: no need for a separate app.

Re: New Cell Phone Question

If the new phone is not a smartphone, swap it in! I depend on my iPhone with Siri ( know Androids have a si,ilar feature,) I am blind in oned eye, very reduced in the other. No book reading, certainly no small print. I like the iPhone because if I were totally blind, talking to it (TO it, bot just with it) can get me the time, temp, other mundane info, but as a phone? I can tell Siri ehsat number to dial. I just say answer when a call comes in. I can dictate a text message.

Even with bad vision, I can see the battery indicator icon that is always visible at the top. There is also a $1 app that I could add that would announce when battery charge dropped to 20, then 10 percent. Trying to work with a flip phone is just not practical, IMHO.

Re: New Cell Phone Question

Hi. New recruit here, and found this question interesting! I am not "blind" blind, but with one eye out of service and the other one not so great, I depend on my iPhone. I know that Androids have a similar way to do many thing. I have a visual warning at 20 and then 10 percent battery levels. My question is, what if I can't read that? Well, for 99¢ I could add an app for an audible alert. That would be my choice. If you are blind, a smartphone is not a luxury, it's a part of your medical equipment!


Re: New Cell Phone Question

I'm back again to post another reply here. I actually found out that my new phone does in fact have an audible low-battery indicator, and an audible voicemail indicator. I found out about the low-battery indicator when I was at my folks' new place. I wanted to see if in fact there was one, so I left my phone on and just let the battery run down. The indicator actually goes off a few times, and then when there's no juice left at all it goes off and then the phone shuts off with the standard AT&T musical thing. So I think I'm good to go. There doesn't appear to be any charging notification, but in my experience not many things have those anyway.

Re: New Cell Phone Question

That's what I'm wondering too, but I am pretty sure it is a smartphone. Someone is coming to work with me in a bit here, and I think I'll ask him to just go through the User Manual with me. I think it would've helped if we did that right at the start, but we wanted to charge the phone and then we were hungry for some lunch. But thanks for your reply.

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Re: New Cell Phone Question

It would depend on your cell phone. If you have a flip phone, it doesn't sound like it is a smartphone.... which model is it?

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