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New Technology for Navigation Assistance

Hi everyone! My name is Arjan, for the past few months I have been involved in a youth entrepreneurship program that teaches us about business and helps us learn how to come up with an idea and turn it into a business! After much research me and my team came up with a product that will change the way visually impaired people navigate. our product consists of glasses and a cane, these glasses have 2 sensors that can detect and locate any obstacle in front of the user. They also have a camera which uses object recognition to tell the user what any object is instantly through an earpiece. when an object is detected information is sent to the smart handle which puts an outward pressure on a specific part of your hand so you know exactly where the object is. This pressure would be on a different part of your hand if the object was on another spot. along with speaking gps, text to speech reading, and being able to tell you what any object is, we hope this product can be an affordable alternative to a guide dog at a price of $400. I would love to hear what you guys think about it!

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Re: New Technology for Navigation Assistance

Hello Arjan and all,
I appreciate you and your team trying to come up with something affordable, $400.00, for blind persons to use as an alternative to a guide dog or cane only. My concern is with all the apparatus involved working simultaneously: cane, glasses, camera, sensor.
-My experience tells me the more bells and whistles something has, the likelihood of something breaking down too increases.
Some years ago there was a US Company, Telesensory Incorporated that marketed an apparatus consisting of eye-glasses and an ear piece that emitted a beap tone that would rise and fall in pitch related to object closeness. These were far more costly than what you propose, but seemed more streamline in functionality.
In all fairness, it sounds like your device would be comparable to someone wearing the Walkman and carrying or using a cane as they travel.
--I wish you well on this and hope you will keep us posted.

Re: New Technology for Navigation Assistance

Wow! That sounds really cool! I still think that there are certain advantages to a guide dog, but for the people who do not like dogs I think that this would be an awesome alternative.

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