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nfb newsline

Do you think that nfb shuld put the news on there website.
So you can go to the page.
Then you can pick a topic you will like to hear.
And you do not need to sign up for it.
the website is:

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Re: nfb newsline

I agree with the above comment. I'm satisfied with the service as is, and it appears to be expanding pretty rapidly so that's good. The only gripes I have with it are: (1) I received a notice awhile back regarding my subscription, and the notice was in standard ink-print so my tutor had to read it to me; and (2) Whenever I get their email newsletter, it is either addressed to my brother or somebody named James. I'm not James and neither is my brother, and when I contacted them about this I never heard back. So all I can do at this point is hope that they changed my name back to the one I was given at birth. But otherwise I think NFB Newsline is awesome. It's one of only a handful of things I like about the NFB anyway, so I guess that's saying something.

Re:nfb newsline

Nix. I think you are asking too much. The NFB service is for those certified by competant authority as blind or unable to read print and the reasons have to do with protecting the copyrights. The certification process may not be avoided.

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