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note takers

I am trying to find a good note taker for college. I have looked at the Alba BrailleX Assistant, Braille Sense, Braille Note MPower, and Pack Mate. It seems that one has, the other lacks. Neither seem to have everything. Anyway, do any of you guys have an opinion on this conflict?

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Re:note takers

I have the type 'n speak. I have had it for almost 11 years now.
It served me quite well.

Now I am using the Pac Mate qx 400 and really enjoy it.

Re:note takers

I'm in middle school, and I use the braille lite m 20, but I've also had experience with the braille n speak. The braille light's better though!

Re:note takers

I have used the Bralle and speak and have seen brallie note but the one that is really good for alround use is the Bralle note n power. Unfortlley, I work so I cannot get anyone to purchase it for me. Good luck in college.

Re:note takers

I have used a Braille Lite M20 since 2002. I am a college student, and the note taker meets all my needs during class. I can take notes and save it to a floppy disk or a compact Flash card. Becky

Re:note takers

Hello. What kind of notetaker have you used in the past? When I was in college, I used the type n speak which had a portable disk drive. I used it to take notes in class. You can save your work and print it from a computer, but you know now computers are not coming with a disk drive. If you have ever used the braille n speak in the past, the type n speak has the same commands. The only difference is the keyboard. I am actually trying to sell my type n speak for $400 if you are interested. Email me at

Re:note takers

you can ask about the ELba unix based note taker. you can goto yahoo and type Elba in. Hope this helps

Re:note takers

Go to and check out the product evaluations from AccessWorld, AFB's free online technology magazine. The reviews of various note takers may be helpful.

Hope you find what you're looking for

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