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Notes Plus, an app for note taking on the iPad

This came via a Google Alert for Legibility and I have copied the following from the press release and made some changes to shorten it and delete the puffery. I think it may be good for the low visioned. If you try it, please give us a report.

It has a 'close-up' writing mode for hand written notes in a magnified area Notes Plus has stroke smoothening algorithms for legibility. Shape detection features make hand-drawing shapes simplel. Users can use typed text with adjustable fonts, font sizes, and colors. Notes Plus fully utilizes the iPad's touch-screen technology to offer users editing tools to correct any mistakes incurred during note-taking.

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Re:Notes Plus, an app for note taking on the iPad

special thanks to this informative tutorial and powerful tool! it is really easy to use and I will recommend it to my friends! Thanks again! iPhone, iPad, ipod and some of other digital products of Apple company are walking into people’s life gradually and plays a significant roles in our daily life. Even though there some unavoidable limitation, but we should believe iPad is striving to change everything, we are looking forward the apple’s addition digital products:

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