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NY ballotand scanner unfriendly to the low visioned

Not a good experience. I asked abot how it was done and the inarticulate worker showed me instructions I couldn't read. No better substitute was offered. Fortunately I had a plastic magnifier with my credit cards and could make out the low contrast oval that was to be filled in to vote. The place to insert the balot was all black so of course I couldn't see where to put it. (Just like my bank except that it didn't blind me with flashing bright lights.)

Obviosly they should have large print instructions and the workers should include some who are articulate in English to explain the routine and are known to them all so that the vision impaired can get good help.

Have I missed anything? ===gm===

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Re:NY ballotand scanner unfriendly to the low visioned

No GM, you didn't miss anything

And while the legally blind might be considered handicapped, it seems there are few modifications made for us compared to those restricted to a wheel chair

but to play devils advocate how many places offer services for the deaf? One phone at least in every office with the TTY? option? Phones on the street TTY enabled (those that aren't mutilated beyond use)

as for the other things, welcome to this generation of "civil" employees

a young man who worked with me summed it up (actual quote) "I'm not here to work, I'm here to get paid"

With the breakdown of morals, education, and the increase of violence from these new generations being weaned on playstations and their like to be desensitized to pain and suffering these are not a good time to live in

Say what you will about not speaking to an American when you call a customer service phone number, and are sent to an out sourced job in another part of the world, but those people are polite and earnest in trying to help you, even if all they can do is answer from a script (plus they ARE some what bilingual are these slackers here proficent in their native language?)

oh well /rant off

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