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Oatmeal cookies on using cake mix

How will I make oatmeal cookie on using cake mix.
I need to know how much oatmeal I need to put in with the cake mix if I have a 18.25 oz cake mix.

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Re:Oatmeal cookies on using cake mix

No problem, brl017. I am here to help where and how I can. I just signed up a few days ago to be a part of these message boards, and it definitely has been enjoyable. Everyone here seems very kind and helpful.

Please let me know how those cookies turn out. I'll have to try that recipe out someday.

Take care.

Re:Oatmeal cookies on using cake mix

thank you for that information.

Re:Oatmeal cookies on using cake mix

According to what I read at this link:

you would need two cups of quick-cooking oatmeal. I've never done this myself, and I am just relaying information which I found upon searching. I hope that this helps.

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