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on line basic computer help?

Hello Technology Talk Reader,
I am looking for an active on-line forum where one can receive help with some basic computer use issues.
These include turning auto-correct on/off, saving MS Word Files, using portable storage devices, making changes using the ribbon in Windows 7.
I did belong to a screen reader forum which did not accept such queries as they were seen outside that particular screen reader. Thanks in advance, please help!
David Russell

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Re: on line basic computer help? has forums where you can go for help.
Oddly, I can't use it because I am set for high contrast and don't see the capcha. (I have poor contrast sensitivity.)

Re: on line basic computer help?

Hi, David
The link is
I have just confirmed this link by opening in my browser.

Re: on line basic computer help?

I clicked on the blind training link and it was not found.

on line basic computer help?

Perhaps Kathy Ann and her tutorials, online classes and books can help.

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