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Open Office Suite accessibility non-compliance

To whom it may concern,

Over the past five years there have been numerous attempts to ask the Open Office organization to make their software Section 508 compliant for Microsoft Windows based screen reader products, only to be met with either no response or less than helpful changes to the software in question. The software in question concerns the Open Office Suite beginning with but not limited to version 2.4.1. Again there have been numerous attempts by the blind and visually impaired community to ask the Open Office development team to make their software accessible to screen readers. Simply burying an accessibility selection in the options of the program does not make Open Office Section 508 compliant. Because of Open's compliance failure we the blind community have chosen to take further action. As of Thursday July 17, 2008, we the blind community begin a general boycott of all Open Office products and begin proceedings towards a class action lawsuit against the Open Office organization for non-compliance with US Section 508.

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Re:Open Office Suite accessibility non-compliance

Is there a reason why one must be forced to use Open Office? If I am correct isn't Open Office offered for free? If that is the case what do you expect from free software? Not sure what the fuss is all about. I would like to learn more about the specific concerns on this matter.

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