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Opportunity to partake in accessibility user study at Cornell Tech

Hi everyone,

We are a group of researchers from the Enhancing Ability Lab at Cornell Tech, Cornell University’s new campus located in NYC. We are seeking participants for one of our user studies that will help us develop novel interaction technologies using wearables. The study will only consist of one session. Please see below for details about the study.

Objective: study and improve how blind people use their mobile phones on the go.
Participant criteria: must be at least 18 years old, functionally blind, and regularly use
What to bring: Please bring your smartphone. You will be asked to perform a few simple tasks
on your phone such as checking the time, opening a text editor/notepad, etc. We will not ask
you to disclose any private content on your phone.
Location: 111 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011
Time: Please contact Catherine (cf422 ) to set up an appropriate time. Times are
Duration: approximately 2 hours.

We will pay up to $30 for transportation expenses if participants require assistance with
transportation to the location of the study. As a token of our appreciation, participants will be
compensated with $40 ($20 per hour) in the form of either a gift card or cash.

Please contact Catherine (cf422 ) to schedule a time if you are interested in
participating, and/or have questions about the user studies. You will be asked a few screening
questions regarding your current use of mobile technologies to ensure that you are a good fit for
our study.

The Enhancing Ability Lab, Cornell Tech

Contact Info:

Catherine Feng
Research Intern
Cornell Tech, NYC, NY 10011
email: cf422
phone: (206) 3887086

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