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Options To Facebook Page?

Hi, I am using Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8 but having problems building a facebook page, i.e. creating post, or creating first post, there are links but seem dead.
Is there an alternative social media to the Facebook Page?
One that is user friendly to blind persons using screen readers?
I published a novel last year and the majority advise create a page and an author site. Hmmmm.
By the way, if there are any authors here,
what has worked for you? Thanks.

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Re: Options To Facebook Page?

Hi all, Glori, thanks for the nudge to get on this facebook page in the very near future, and for the help last weekend with your reply about antivirus. The Microsoft Essentials seem to be the winner here. Take care and thanks to you, Krista and Laz.

Re: Options To Facebook Page?

A few days ago I heard that even the mobil is getting like the main Face book is.

I don't know since I don't get on the Web site.

Re: Options To Facebook Page?

NVDA does seem to do a better job with Facebook, while JAWS seems to fall over and run very slow on it. I don't know about WindowEyes, as I've never used it or the other more obscure screen readers. Perhaps you should try NVDA and see for yourself, after all it is free.

Re: Options To Facebook Page?

Hi again, Thanks Laz and Crista for the help. Will try the mobile version within the next couple days. Be well.

Re: Options To Facebook Page?

I'm not sure changing screen readers is going to make it any better, but do use the mobile version.

has a much cleaner interface, and the links will actually be links there.

Re: Options To Facebook Page?

Try using a different screen reader, perhaps NVDA, and also the mobile site instead.

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