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Paying for optical devices

I'm visually impaired. I'm on disability & have a very low income. I was wondering if there are any programs or places in the USA that help pay for some or all of the cost of optical devices (i.e. hand-held monocular telescope, microscope, CCTV, & etc)?

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Re:Paying for optical devices

Check out Vision Technology CCTV's. Get a great deal and a quality CCTV at a reasonable price. Here is the website:

Re:Paying for optical devices

generally the funding help is limited to state agencies who usually help if it has to do with you going to skool successfully or finding and keeping a jobhowever a few states are a bit more progressive and help buy aids for everyday life activities. the othe possible hjhelp is from the assistive technology loan fund that each state has and can be found by contacting your center for independent living center or your state protection and advocacy services agency, also civic organizations like the lions or kiwanis or optimists clubs and others have sometimes bought or shared the cost of items for individuals, but this is a very unpredictable resource, so look in the local fone book under civic organizations or human service organizations or fraternal organizations and just start calling and asking if they can help.

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