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PDA Interview


I'm a graduate student in a TVI program. I have an assignment that I need help with. I need to interview a PDA user (personal digital assistant; could be a SMARTbrailler, iPhone w/ VoiceOver...). We could accomplish this over the phone, email, or simply use this forum. I'm going to post the questions below:

1.) What PDA do you use and how long have you used it?
2.) Why did you choose this device?
3.) How did you learn how to use it?
4.) What functions or applications do you use (word processor, web, calendar, GPS, etc.)?
5.) How did you acquire your PDA? (Think about sources of funding here)
6.) How has it changed or impacted your life?

Thank you for your consideration in advance! I will be checking in several times a day to connect. The assignment is due Sunday Oct. 16th, so if you are willing we will need to connect on or before that date.


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Re: PDA Interview

Hoping you found someone to interview!

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