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Photo editor low vision user friendly? What do you like?

I was using Photoshop Elements until Adobe decided not to let me into their online help because I was using another computer. I can't even tell them the problem.
Looking at online editors, fourteen of them, I find few clues as to what their instructions are like. Please tell us about what you use, online or on your computer. ===gm===

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Re:Photo editor low vision user friendly? What do you like?

no I didn't miss the point, there are none to the best of my experience

they ALL have a learning curve, if you can see well enough to navigate to here, and post, you can handle the directions and controls

that said paint shop pro has tutorial videos that show how their features work which makes them user friendly, but perhaps not low vision user friendly

Re:Photo editor low vision user friendly? What do you like?

hardsell your barrage was impressive, but you missed the target. I need a photo editor that is LOW VISION USER FRIENDLY. That would include good help files and a quick jump from an icon to its explanation. Command line editors don't qualify. The online editors in the list reviewed that might do are below. COMMENTS WELCOME.
Phixr - Phixr Online Photo editor
Tons of photo editing features
Preview effects before applying them to the image.
Signup is optional and doesn't require an email address
Clean, intuitive interface with a desktop like app look
PXN8 [pix-en-ate]
>>>>>No preview option available. (not for me)
Pixoh -
>>>>> Provides only basic editing tools like crop,
rotate, resize - no filters or effects.
Web interface is the most impressive of all image
editing services.
Hardsell asks about what is in my computer. I have WinXP and the only things there are in Paint, short on what can be done and on explanations.

Re:Photo editor low vision user friendly? What do you like?

Well most photo editors all have a learning curve

back in the late '90's I was in a quandary, I needed to be online to learn the net, but knew my first computer would be a learning experience I couldn't afford so I went with webtv for 200 I got online and learned the net, html, a little javascript, built hundreds of web pages from scrartch

but webtv's main drawback was that it couldn't download _anything_ so we had to use online services (we used ftp to transfer the images to places like geocities)

hands down the number one choice was imagemajick

info here:

the studio here

crop, annotate, resize, mirror you can do almost anything but it took a long time to get good at it

for working with animated, or regular images we also used gif works:

A comparison of online photo editors:

for a free down loadable image viewer/image editor and with almost 49 million downloads the irfanview seems popular, download and reviews at:

gm what do you need doing that the free stuff that came with your pc cant handle?

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