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Please tell us how YOU read newspapers.

I am looking for personal experience with different papers and different format, includin those you hav rejected.
What works best and why?

Please note that this is not the place for research, "you might look at...", evaluations, etc. Personal experience only, please, not filtered by anybody else.


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Re:Please tell us how YOU read newspapers.

Rachel N and printordots: Thank you for your posts.
>> Rachel N: Please tell us about the tapes; where from, content, etc.
>> printordots: Please tell us about your reader: model, costs, and the details of using it, Do you listen, read the screen, both? So heavy that it is tiring? "The devil is in the details"; it is in the details that we find the benefits and the hazards. And, of course it helps us to know what you can see without the reader.

Re:Please tell us how YOU read newspapers.

i have mobile reader, it takes a picture of the newspaper and reads the newspaper or any document..for more info go to

Re:Please tell us how YOU read newspapers.

I got some stuff on tape, but I just read or listen to talk show stuff.

Re:Please tell us how YOU read newspapers.

I love the NYTime "Todays Headlines", coming by email in a single column so it comes to where my eyes rest on the crenn, I don't have to search up and down several columns. You pick the subjects fron a list and you get three headlins and a short paragraph each. No charge.

I have been taking the WSJ and reading the stories on my computer, typing the headlins in the dearh box tofind the stories whose heads I had seen in the print edition.. More than half the times it didn't work, often because the e-heads were not the same as the print heads. Very irritating and not cheap $400+ plus the online edition. Now you know why I am asking for other ways of getting the news.

They now have a "Skimmer" which is not bad, but not as good, single screen loads, down arrow to the next screen.

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