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Programing monopolizers


I've come to a startling conclusion in the past six months that the blind community or group rather are selfish individuals. When they themselves become successful they must lock the gate on the rest of us trying to flea poverty in this land of the free, which it's not free despite the pundits. I've been to thirty-one sites that include forums, chats, e-mails, e-mail lists, forums, tutorials, books, calls, etc. I've even got myself a website what little good that does. None of the information has helped me much because it all contridicts itself in the end with It's doubly hard for a blind person without the proper books to learn. is horrible about not following their own hypocritical lesson plans. I've been everywhere onlin just posted on Yahoo answers for the millionth time it seems.

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Re:Programing monopolizers

go to to see all of the programming languages that I'm trying to learn. I just got a Book Share membership waiting on NLS to approve of me now.

Re:Programing monopolizers

What type of information or assistance are you looking for?

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