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Programming and pbbg help wanted

To the American Foundation for the Blind,

My name is Peter, who is interested into learning more than my meak novice computer programming knowledge. If you know of any site, service or other ways of learning programming such as hypertext markup language, cascading style sheets, extendable markup language, java, servor quiry language, php, cold fusion, pearl, and others to my collection just let me know. I am trying to build a site with a pbbg medevil game tenatively named WarBane. If your interested into becoming a assistant webmaster or co-founder of this project just post your e-mail. Another thing I am trying to find right now is a assessable host. The hosting website must have a good amount of space with no setup fees either. Thanks for any and all information that your able to provide. Note: I'lll reply to your e-mail adress as soon as I can. Shouldn't be much longer than five days at the most.


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