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Pushing Navigation Bars?

On the suggestions for making these boards easier to use, screen reader users are told to push the navigation bar to the bottom of the page. Really? How in the wide wide world of sports is this accomplished? I have 21 years in this field and I have never heard of pushing a navigation bar anywhere. Thoughts? Tomatoes?

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Re: Pushing Navigation Bars?

Hi, Richard

So glad you ask! You can go to the page

Or just pick "Change Colors and More" from any page on any of AFB's sites. Then, there's a combo box for
Nav Bar Position. Pick Bottom and hit the apply button.

If you like what you get, you can hit the Continue button to go back where you were before, or just choose something else to do.

There are other things you can do on that page. Users who have low vision can change the text size and color, for example.

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