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question.... gmail?

Does anyone know how to delete the list of names and email addresses on the contact list that is under the
gmail program?My contact list have all the names duplicating four to five times and it is driving me crazy because I don't know how to delete the duplicate names. Help! lupus

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Re:question.... gmail?

ya go to your messeges and you click the box that is on the outside of the window and you click delete.

Re:question.... gmail?

Joe, I tried to follow yourinstructions, but the problem is I am totallyy blind and I cannot use the mouse. I am using the JAWS program. Anyone is able to help me????LUPUS

Re:question.... gmail?

Click on "contacts".

Place a check mark next to each name in the list that you want to delete.

Move to the right side of the screen and look at the top and you'll see a "button" labeled "delete".

Click that button, and the selected names will disappear from your contacts list.


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