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Reading Kindle Books ona PC

According to Amazon you can read Kindle bools o your PC:
It said that you don't have to have your Kindle with you. It didn't say either that you had to own one or not, so that is unclesr to me. Anyway, It would seem to simplify the process of buying books to be read on the PC.
Has anybody looked ito it? ===gm===

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Re:Reading Kindle Books ona PC

okay, have downloaded kindle reader for pc

I am currently at the kindle book store with the filter set to list books by price low to high

ah excellent these books ARE free....

hmm on the 500th book and over half the entries have been:

The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 14, No. 393, October 10, 1829 (Kindle Edition)

Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 156, June 25, 1919 (Kindle Edition)

The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 08, No. 45, July, 1861 by Various

Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 01, April 2, 1870 (Kindle Edition)

Notes and Queries, Number 23, April 6, 1850 (Kindle Edition)

at the almost 600th book and having seen a recent movie autobiography of Beatrix Potter (sp?) this was the first book I might download just to see if I had read it as a kid... the free end has a pretty poor selection....


okay the last book I had purchased (full price) was The Last Symbol for about 17 plus shipping and here it is 9.60 which makes sense no ink or paper, the main cost probably theauthors royalty...

BUT I generally reserve a new book at the library, read it wait 6 months then buy it used at amazon for 1-5 dollars sometimes even new editions are that low...

and I like the feel of a book in my hands and since it is held about 1-2 inches from face I had better like the SMELL of new books:) so not sure about buying a book only to read on the screen...

Re:Reading Kindle Books ona PC

yeah I saw that site before researching my answer, I am not crazy about them trying to lock you into only their book flow which they even admit the free books are classics in the public domain

And I am not knocking Verne, Steinbeck, Austen etc, which seem to comprise much of the the public books in domain offered by google and kindle

but while the kindle pc reader is free it serves mostly as a console to transfer to the portable kindle player they WANT you to buy and the books they WANT you to buy...

but the overdrive/public library way I just read the latest release 2009 of a mystery series I like, and two other 2009 releases I had wanted to filling in the gaps of a few authors I like from the mid 2000's

kindle pc reader says you can magnify the text so I will give it a try but if it conflicts with the overdrive, I'll have to delete it

Re:Reading Kindle Books ona PC

Here is what Web-RN has to say about it, especially that the software is free:
It looks pretty good to me. On a laptop in an easy-chair it ought to work well.

Re:Reading Kindle Books ona PC

dang hate the no edit function

here is a tour of the ebook program I am talking about:

GM, I think kindle got into the ebook game kinda late and they mostly use the standard set by adobe at least the EPUB version which after you change the font size resets the book so no scrolling side to side is required....

give the overdrive a shot IF you want to read on your pc, you can use the overdrive system to transfer from pc to portable devices for either text or audio versions although I have only done audio

Re:Reading Kindle Books ona PC

Let me start this way...

Last summer I was too slow in responding to a flier in my quarterly Talking Book catalogs that I receive to get into the new digital talking program....

So I called too late to be in the beta release and had to wait till last week to receive my machine...

and boy was I upset,

in the literature they described an already in place system of free books audio AND digital, magazines, and music, not just for the visually handicapped which I had never heard about!!

so I found a little link at my local city library, state library and the BARD site (better faqs, and guides)

And you read the books free on the adobe digital editions book reader



So now when I have trouble caning my way even 2 blocks to the store, the reflection from the snow really makes it hard, let alone the 1 1/2 mile walk to the library, I can get a pretty wide selection downloaded right to my screen, and the audio books right to my NLS digital book player that I can move from room to room...

the only problem is that for books to read only have two main versions the adobe pdf ebook and the adobe EPUB ebook which cannot be changed ie the background color or text color, and only the EPUB has an option to increase the text size

but by fiddling with the custom fit, hide the navigation pane and adjust THAT to fit to width, the text is pretty large and would be beautiful blue or teal on black sighs but so far that is not possible

I've already read 5 books since last wednesday, and just finished an audio book as well ...

I cannot afford a portable reading machine but the kindle dx the BIG screen version would probably be a nice way to read....

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