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sandisk Sans m240 or Zen Stione plus mp3 players

Hi, I had thought about getting a Sandisk Sansa m240 mp3 player. Does anyone out there have this player. If so, is it complicated to use. How blind-friendly is this player. Also, I'd like a ZenStone player. But the 1 gb model doesn't have an fm tuner which I'd like. Does anyone use the 2gb model? I've learned that rockbox software won't work with protected DRM audio files. Any suggestions for mp3 players? I don't like ITunes so an Ipod is out of the question. I'd also like one that's reasonably priced. Help I'm desperate to find an mp3 player that'll work for me!!!

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Re:sandisk Sans m240 or Zen Stione plus mp3 players

Just convert those DRM-protected WMA files to MP3 and use a player from

Re:sandisk Sans m240 or Zen Stione plus mp3 players

You want a Zen Stone Plus which has an excellent radio and a tiny OLED screen - but you don't need the screen much. The controls are relatively accessible - you can change from radio to MP3 with one side button (no menu required) and advance song or station with a single face button. 2 Gb flash. Shipped Ear-buds are poor though...

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