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Sapphire, hand held CCTV by Freedom Scientific

Sapphire by Freedom Scientific

Sapphire by Freedom Scientific is classified as a handheld CCTV but its weight demands a desk and two hands to use it. I wanted it for reading newspapers and magazines but have rejected it for those purposes. Ergonomically it is a bruiser, too heavy to slide on the paper,

However, the designer has produced a clever and attractive device. At lowest magnification it sees a field one sixteenth more than three quarters of an inch, wide enough for many newspaper columns but not wide enough for a two inch magazine column. Folded, the screen and lens are concealed, a very neat package. The controls are well located and marked and easy to use. A prop can be extended to lift it to let you see what you are writing. I had hoped that the eletrnic image would be of higher contrast than the copy it saw, but gray was still gray, only slightly improved.

If the battery were on a three foot tether instead of in the device, the weight might be reduced to let it be used with one hand, leaving your other hand free to manipulate what you are reading.

G F Mueden ===gm===

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Re:Sapphire, hand held CCTV by Freedom Scientific

offy400, we are talking about handheld CCTVs and other related things. To answer your question we need to have you quote something we have said. Then we will know what you are talking about. ===gm===

Re:Sapphire, hand held CCTV by Freedom Scientific

What are you talking about

Re:Sapphire, hand held CCTV by Freedom Scientific

OOPS I grovel. I made a big mistake in my original post.

The field of view at lowest magnification should have been just over ONE AND THREE QUARTER IBCHES'

I apologize. ===gm===

Re:Sapphire, hand held CCTV by Freedom Scientific

Thank you, hardsell.

Those clip-ons look attractive. Has anybody tried them?


Re:Sapphire, hand held CCTV by Freedom Scientific

ah no edit feature

I wanted to add that if you can find a bar magnifier with a handle, so much the better, the ones without need continual wiping off of fingerprints/smudges/skin oil

plus I had a rounded top bar magnifier and it distorted (curved) at the edges reducing the three lines of text shown to one perfect line and two bent ones ..

Re:Sapphire, hand held CCTV by Freedom Scientific

I had another thought and added an example of an E-reader on my hand held cctv monitor size page showing the Amazon Kindle Dx screen size but it only goes to a 20 point font I had also added the examples of different magnifications in two cctv screen sizes

Bar magnifiers:

Walter's Low Vision



A cheaper 3X 12 inch long by 1.5 inch height (made for newspapers)

more examples at

Re:Sapphire, hand held CCTV by Freedom Scientific

Good questions. I need very little magnification; 2x will do nicely, but I do need high contrast.

Newspapers i read at a stand-up desk, with the paper spread out full width. Magazines I read in my easy chair woth a lap desk to hold the magazine. The critical specification for magazine reading is the field of view in inches at lowest magnification, what it sees on a ruler. The manufacturers don't want to tell me that figure. They would rather send a man to my house and demonstrate it.

At the Lighthouse store in NY I read a book usung Acrobat and liked it, except that I would prefer my easy chair for reading hours at a time. For thet I will look int head-mounted ddevices, e.g., the Jordy or telespectacles.

I am not familiar with bar magnifiers. Where should I look?


Re:Sapphire, hand held CCTV by Freedom Scientific

good review GM

Gm I do not think you ever said what magnification you require or where your reading will take place ie in an easy chair, lying on a sofa, reclining in bed, at a table..?

at the low vision store you were at did you look at bar magnifiers?

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