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Seeking Sales Force, Or Other CRM software – Any Blind Users Out There?

Hello Everyone,
My name is John Lewis and I have a fairly solid foundation of experience in appointment setting/ telesales. I was advised by a very reliable source, (a successful blind professional), that I could take my career to new heights by learning how to be proficient in CRM software, such as the popular, Sales Force.

All of my teleprospecting ventures were conducted from my home office and I was fortunate enough to be permitted to devise my own system for record keeping, i.e., compiling contact lists, notes on calls, avoiding duplication, follow ups, etc. However, now that I am in between jobs and searching for on site and/or telecommute employment, it seems nearly impossible to find, (from even the most basic of sales jobs), a non requirement of proficiency in some type of CRM application. Obviously, today it is vital to have this kind of experience.

For years, I was always under the assumption that Sales Force was not very compatible with my JAWS screen reader.
So, I thought this may be the case with all, CRM applications. Lately, I’ve been hearing that Sales Force is much more responsive with JAWS, particularly with I phones. Unfortunately, I do not have any type of mobile device.

Is there any blind individuals out there using Sales Force, or other CRM software, as their primary tool in a customer service, or sales oriented job? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Do you work at a desktop/laptop computer? I Pad, or I phone? Do you use JAWS and how responsive do you find it? If you didn’t learn on your own, where did you get your training? Do you work on site, or from a home office? I would be very interested in corresponding with you, either via this list, phone, or my personal e-mail at,

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to hearing from anyone who’d like to share their experiences. – John

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