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Selling a Braillenote classic 18 BT

Hello there guys and girls. I am selling a Braillenote classic second generation. This is an 18 cell model. It is running keysoft six point one one and is in great condition. I recently got an M power, and as such wanted to sell the classic. i want to buy a trekker. I am selling this unit for $1,000.00. I know that who ever purchases this unit might want to invest in the transplant program for an upgrade. This is why i am doing my best to be reasonable on the price. If you want this unit, please let me know, and we can work something out.

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Re:Selling a Braillenote classic 18 BT

Hi, my cousin is blind, she is 13 years old and she realy needs a braille note bt 18. She is having a rough time in school and her parents, my cousins, are planning in her doing home schooling. Therefore, she needs it. Please let me know how can I obtain yours or any at all. Thanks

Re:Selling a Braillenote classic 18 BT

If these don't sell and you could use a tax deduction we are a 501(c)3 and are seeking donations of equipment & supplies for a new school for the blind in Cape Coast, Ghana.
You can check out our posting here under "Water Cooler" or e-mail me at:
You can also visit us on the web at:


Re:Selling a Braillenote classic 18 BT

do you still have your braillenote for sale. my husband and i are interested in learning more about your product. my son just got one from school and it is a braillenote bt 18. he loves it and we want to get one for him . could you please email me at and let me know if you still have it for sale. thank you nancy leiss

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