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show part of the email in email list -qusetion

In outlook, the email list can show the sender and subject. As I always need to check the email body, I hope my Outlook email list can also show part of email text on the start of the email. So that I can identify if that email is what I search before open it.It will save much time for me.

Is there any setting in outlook2010 to do that?

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Re: show part of the email in email list -qusetion

I failed to mention that within that same dialog box you can change the sort order, i.e. if you want the message content read first, you can do that, though that would drive me nuts at about 300 emails a day

Re: show part of the email in email list -qusetion

another way is to go to the view tab, click "add columns" there's a combo box from where you can select the number of lines you wish to see, I suggest 3 or 4 because it includes other info. tab a few times to the listbox of frequently used fields and highlight Message, then click ad field. click OK, and restart outlook.

Re: show part of the email in email list -qusetion


For that, you can make use of VBA code and Outlook rule to add a column to show the message body. Here is a macro

Sub AddExcerptColumn(objMail As Outlook.MailItem)
Dim strExcerpt As String
Dim objUserProperties As Outlook.UserProperties
Dim objUserProperty As Outlook.UserProperty
Dim strPropertyName As String

'Get the first 50 characters of the message body
strExcerpt = Left(objMail.Body, 50)

strPropertyName = "Excerpt"
Set objUserProperties = objMail.UserProperties

'Check if there is already a field in this name
Set objUserProperty = objUserProperties.Find(strPropertyName, True)
If objUserProperty Is Nothing Then
'If not, add this field
Set objUserProperty = objUserProperties.Add(strPropertyName, olText, True)
End If

objUserProperty.value = strExcerpt
End Sub

For the detailed steps to set the Outlook rule, you can see at

Good luck and hope it helps

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