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skype accessible for OS X? NOT!

this is fairly serious. anyone from skype claiming its accessible under OS X are lying to you. I have to pull all kinds of hard tricks in OS X just to read the text chat ONE WORD AT TIME. and thats not all. I tried writing their devel team only to get responses back saying in effect "thanks for the information, but we have no plans for that at this time".

I have posted to their blogs until I am blue in the face. seems like no one is paying attention.

now, I know there is a fairly large user base of blind users of OS X (with voiceover already built in? why not!). we all need to write to apple and tell them to get on skype about not properly addressing this issue and we also need to write skype and give them the ultimatum of " fix this" and then keep harping on them. get the AFB and the NFB involved (thats what these organizations are for, aren't they?)

Skype has had *some* accessibility features in windows for years. so why not in OS X?

I need some support here folks? anyone wanna bite?

I can be reached at


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Re: skype accessible for OS X? NOT!

well, since I last wrote this, there has been some interesting developments... Skype is now at version 5.2. It is still largely hard to use for the blind user (the interface was redesigned, which is even more confusing than the old classic skype). Also, there is a helper application called growl. for the uninitiated, this helper application can be a challenge to properly setup. Once setup, it can automatically read text chats, as well as tell you when users are online or even when a specific user is typing to you. Most of these notifications I tend to keep turned off (listening to all of that can be fairly distracting). As of this writing, I still use classic skype 2.8 with OS X snow leopard compatible growl. the 5.x version of skype has some interface problems and lack of growl functionality that make it a headache to use.

from what I have read, later versions of growl are a subscription application and may not work under OS X snow leopard. It will, however, work with skype 5.x, as well as other growl compatible applications. Right now, I cannot wait until I can update to OS X Mt. Lion and then I will have a raft of new features that will be usable. now if only windows did the same thing (wishful thinking).

Re:skype accessible for OS X? NOT!

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