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SmartView 360, a new CCTV from HumanWare

SmartView 360, CCTV from HumanWare

According to the company description this new CCTV is portable (18 lbs. isn't flyweight); it can see the desk, yourself, or the blackboard, has a 19 inch screen. It is better than my CCtV in that its magnification goes down to 2.6x, but it can't see the full width of a business letter at minimum magnification. There its field of view is only 138 x 85 mm or 5.43 x 3.35 in. For those of us at the low magnification end of the low vision spectrum that is a serious deficiency, it means side to side for every line, not good enough for the statements I get from banks, credit cards, or Medicare where the dollar amounts are over to the right. For books? Maybe. It will depend on how well it does in the gutter (where the paper bends down into the binding); there seeing will be believing. That is a "must see" to judge. From the picture and the description, I would say that the SmartView 360 is a good candidate. Let's see what AccessWorld has to say.

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Re:SmartView 360, a new CCTV from HumanWare

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Re:SmartView 360, a new CCTV from HumanWare

We have found and are importing a new high definition cctv that will very clearly show the width of a business letter on a 19" HD monitor or TV. It is called IBIS HD and is so sharp at 2X magnification that it looks like the original paper when in the photo mode. It will show high contrast modes as well. IBIS HD is the introduction of high definition small form readers. It weighs only 3.3 pounds and folds for transport and you have a full 9" of work height at 2X magnification. IBIS HD goes up to 40X on a 19" monitor.

see it at:

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