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sms on android phones?! I m new to touch tech!!! Sos!!!

I m writing this mail from Greece!
First of all, I would like to tell congratulations for this site, when I learned that it exists, I felt very happy, because I think that it will offer me lots of info in my life, I think everybody need them!
Let's go to my topic! Recently I bogt galaxy core with the last version of android! I activate the talkback and, I navigated to the menus in order to get familier with the phone! I face a big problem with the keyboard. The keyboard galaxy came with, can't help me because, when I navigate in to this what letter touch with my finger, this letter is written, with out to want this!
I would like a keyboard, that I can navigate in the keyboard and, when I find the leter I would like to write, doublepres it in order to write! I install the Fleksy keyboard, but, problem!!! Talkback doesn't says letters my hand is on and, I have to double pres the letter in order to say it, so as you understand, it is to late!!!
the keyboard is very significant problem, so I would like if you could help me!
do you know any keyboard ap, to be supported from talkback and, to double pres the letter in order to be written?
there is no problem if it doesn't support Greeks!
1000 thanks beforehand and, again congratulations for the super website!!

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