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Software development questionnaire

Hello everybody!

My name is Steve and I'm a student in the UK currently studying software development. For my final project I'm trying to create a small video game directed towards people with visual impairments, it's intended to be an arcade style game somewhat similar to Pacman with a focus on action and excitement.

I'm hoping to find out if a video game that was developed for people with visual impairments could inspire somebody to enter into software development, my idea being that if there are more people with VI in software development then there might be more software designed for people with VI.

If you would like to, could you please answer the following five multiple choice questions?

I have kept the questions short and provided three possible answers so that I do not take up too much of your time but if you would like to expand on your answers or if you have any more information or ideas you would like to share then please do so!

Thanks in advance!

The questions:

Question one:

How often do you use a computer?

Possible answers:

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Question 2:

What type of activity do you think you mostly use a computer for?

Possible answers:

Business, Leisure, or Creative.

Question 3:

Are you involved or would you like to be involved in software development?

Possible answers:

Yes involved, Yes would like to, or No not interested

Question 4:

Would knowing that an app was created by somebody with a visual impairment make you more or less likely to use it?

Possible answers:

More likely, Less likely, or No difference

Question 5:

Do you think that an app or website developed by somebody with a visual impairment would be better designed for your needs?

Possible answers:

Yes better, No not better, or Makes no difference.

Thanks very much for your help!


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Re: Software development questionnaire


1. Daily
2. Work, Leisure and socialize
3. No
4. Yes, more likely
5. Not sure

Re: Software development questionnaire

2)all of above, equal weight on all
3) used html for advertising, going back to school for software development
4)more likely if the supporting research was linked as well as the type of instument used in visual aid was offered for pirchase as well. )there are many applications google play for this. My son needs ro use it. However, there are complications in using. 1)he is a baby. The connections need to be formed in infancy. Dichoptic movies are more important rhan games because of the neouroplasricity in the infants brain and thata when development begins. 2) everything online speaks of these games in study as well as publications withpit referencing the actual name of the fames used. 3) in the U.S., doctors cant prescribe these games because of lawsuit capabilities even after fda approval. 4)Studies done using these applications have specific criteria and wont accept anyone with what they consider to be a congenital issue.
5) these have been done for years, its not a software issue, its a change issue, and a business issue.
5) of course better. There needs to be a passion behind an issue to carry to its fullest potential. To get it put there, there needs to be awareness, support from current foundation and unfortunately political backing to push product without lawsuits. It would take rhe community to unite as one.

Re: Software development questionnaire


1. Weekly
2. Leisure
3. No
4. Yes, more likely
5. Yes better

Re: Software development questionnaire

1. daily
2. business
3. yes involved (use to manage a level 3 production support team with light development and SCM responsibilities
4. No difference would judge based on performance and usability
5. yes better; as in any case, someone with an intimate familiarity with target audience will be more effective.

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