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SpeakEasy Computer System reviews?

My sister is completely blind (lost her sight due to diabetes) and we've been trying to figure out the best computer system for her that would read her e-mails to her and let her write back to her friends, look things up on the Internet, listen to music and audiobooks, etc. We came across the SpeakEasy computer for the blind that includes a laptop, e-mail, a scanner, an iPod shuffle and a bunch of useful programs, and it seems to be a good fit.

But we want to see what others think about it first. I've searched all over online to see if any users have posted any reviews about it, but haven't found a thing! Has anyone here used it or have one or heard anything positive or negative about the SpeakEasy computer for the blind?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re:SpeakEasy Computer System reviews?

It's good when there is such devices that help to blind people to live more full life. I don't know how much does it cost but it would be good if governement pays for this devices for definit group of people who can't see that they did not get any paycheck advance to purchase it.

Re:SpeakEasy Computer System reviews?

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Re:SpeakEasy Computer System reviews?

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