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Speaking Camera

I have just completed a very small camera which can take very good pictures and am looking for a pratical application. I believe the microprocessor is powerful enough to take a picture of text and convert it into speech. It would be about the size of a 35MM camera. Does this sound useful? Does it already exsist? Thanks Tim

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Re:Speaking Camera

Yeah, there is something like that. It is called the Kurzweil National Federation for the blind reader (KNFB Reader.) It is a combo of a camera and a PDA. You aim the camera, take the picture and you here the text in synthesized speech. The user must practice aiming the camera to take the best shot. I have read that the KNFB reader has been integrated in to a camera phone now. Meaning, you can use this phone as a cell phone and the camera function works as the knfb reader would. We apreciate your contribution to this forum though.

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