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Subscription to NVDA Listserv Disabled?

Hi, Evidently some who subscribe to the NVDA list serv at, including me, have had their email to the list bounce or their subscription disabled and communicating this is near impossible to the powers that be.
Can anyone recommend alternative sites that discuss NVDA that may have a smaller membership? Or, is there a way to convey this issue via a third party to the NVDA listserv administrators?
A broader topic would be how to handle problem emails that bounce sent to listservs or on line groups that people are subscribed to. Thanks. Please help ASAP.

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Re: Subscription to NVDA Listserv Disabled?

Hi all, and thanks Laz6. As of this moment in time, I am resubscribed to the list and somewhat understand that lists or groups can sometimes get considered as "black lists" by the powers that run the big email services. I thought my misfortune was due to asking 3-4 questions about Jarte.... I know some on the NVDA board want nothing but NVDA to be discussed. Anyhow thanks and I am once again smiling! Wish you well.

Re: Subscription to NVDA Listserv Disabled?

The NVDA devs are aware of these issues and are fixing it as of yesterday. You should receive an email shortly informing you of the fix. Don't panic (smiles)

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